Participating Vendors of Scale World 2021

We proudly present to you the complete list of vendors that will be present at KMK's Scaleworld 2021

Please note that all vendors are happy to bring your pre-orders to the show.
Click on the name of the trader to go to their respective website.

INFO for our vendors:
Building the Stand is possible;
Saturday : from 14.00h till 17.00h
Sunday : from 07.00h
Opening of event for public 10.00h


Updated July 2020
Circle marked with a " V " is registered
Circle marked with a " X " is NOT registered

  • AGMF (Michael Neumayer)

  • ANYZ Models

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  • Weltausresin

  • WWP Books

  • Benny Stevens

  • Chris van Ravesteijn

  • Danny Quintelier

  • Daniel Cesar

  • Erik van de Vin

  • Luftfahrtverlag Start

  • Marc Delaet

  • MCM Marketing

  • UltraCasts Ltd.