Contest Categories
 -The contest has some important changes and we recommend that you read the rules, Classes and judging Criteria to get acquainted with the changes.
“competition rules(NL)”  - “competition rules(D)” - “competition rules(UK)” - “competition rules(F)”

-We invite all scale modellers and figure painters to enter into the KMK Scaleworld's contest.

Class MV      Military Vehicles

MV1 Straight from the box Standard class
MV2 Smaller than 1/35th scale
MV3 1/35th scale (Standard class)
MV4 1/35th scale (Master class)
MV5 Vignette (dimensions max. 25x25cm with 1 vehicle and max. 5 figures)
MV6 Diorama

Class AC      Aircraft and Helicopters

AC1 Straight from the box Standard class
AC2 1/72th scale
AC3 1/48th scale (Standard class)
AC4 1/48th scale (Master class)
AC5 larger than 1/48th scale
AC6 Vignette and diorama

Class F      Figures
F1 Single figure (Standard class)
F2 Single figure (Master class)
F3 Bustes
F4 Fantasy
F5 Vignette and diorama

Class CV      Civilian Vehicles
CV1 Motorcycles
CV2 Street cars
CV3 Rally cars
CV4 Race cars
CV5 Formula One
CV6 Lorries and heavy equipment
CV7 Vignette and diorama

Class SF       Science Fiction


Class NV      Naval Vessels


Class NK      Naked Kit

Class JU      Juniors


Most original model     (NEW)

The jury will give a special prize to the most original model, so it comes down to the originality.