"Contest Categories"

-The contest has some important changes and we recommend that you read the rules, Classes and judging Criteria to get acquainted with the changes. "competition rules (NL)" - ”competition rules(D)” - “competition rules(UK)” - “competition rules(F)” -We invite all scale modellers and figure painters to enter into the KMK Scale World's contest.

"Class MV" ( military vehicles )

MV2 Smaller than 1/35th scale
MV3 1/35th scale (standard class)
MV4 1/35th scale (Master class)
MV5 Vignette (dimentions max. 25x25cm with 1 vehicle and max. 5 figures)
MV6 Diorama

"Class AC" ( Aircraft & Helicopters )

AC2 1/72 th scale
AC3 1/48th scale (standard class)
AC4 1/48th scale (Master class)
AC5 Larger than 1/48th scale
AC6 Vignette & Diorama

"Class F" ( Figures )

F1 Single figure (Standard class)
F2 Single figure (Master class)
F3 Bustes
F4 Fantasy
F5 Vignette & Diorama

"Class CV" ( Civilian Vehicles )

CV1 Motorcycles
CV2 Street cars
CV3 Rally cars
CV4 Race cars
CV5 Formula One
CV6 Lorries and heavy equipment
CV7 Vignette & Diorama

"Class SF" ( Science Fiction )

"Class NV" (Naval Vessels)

"Class NK" ( Naked Kit )

"Class JU" ( Juniors )

"NEW" ( Most original model )

The jury will give a special prize to the most original model, so it comes down to the originality.

"The KMK Team"